About Me

My full name is Giancarlo Beroldo but I tend to go by GC.  I was brought up with an active lifestyle in Berkeley California playing soccer since I was three and added surfing to my lifestyle on my first trip to Oahu at twenty. Life directed me to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo for a degree in Kinesiology as well as four years of college club soccer. This is where I found my passion for sharing fitness/training with my loved ones.  After a few European Adventures to decompress from a lifetime of schooling, the island and ocean called out to me. I have been settled on the South Shore of Oahu living out a dream working as a trainer and enjoying my time with surf, soccer and hiking for the last couple years. I was brought to Foundation Training through some minor back problems of my own.  After realizing the potential of the training to help others my mission is to spread the knowledge and power of proper training to as many as possible.