Coach GC

Foundation Training Certified Instructor Level 2
Kinesiology Degree, Cal Poly SLO 2016


Foundation Training

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Foundation Training is a series of exercises designed to lengthen and strengthen the spine.  The techniques used in this training focus on decompression in the spine, a focus on the posterior muscle chain, hinging from the hip and integration in modern life. Foundation is a series of movements that attempts to retrain your muscular pattern to resist gravity rather than get compressed by it. This program was developed for sustained pain relief and everyday fitness for individuals of all ages and fitness levels.




Training is all bodyweight exercise designed to help you reach your athletic goals or maintain a healthy physique.  Combination of Strength and Flexibility training to make your body stronger in a larger range of motion. Train your body to actively work against gravity throughout the day rather than get compressed by it.  Focus of the exercises will be tailored upon the goals and physicality of the individual.

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